Sometimes Athlete’s Foot can creep up on a person without any warning at all. And since many people have the preconceived notion that the ailment only actually happens to real athletes, or to those who work out regularly, it can be difficult to recognize the warning signs of the infection.

The fungus that causes Athlete’s Foot breeds in places that are warm and damp. If you frequently walk barefoot in warm, wet places—such as a locker room or a pool—the chances are good you might have already encountered the fungus without even noticing it. 

Other warning signs of Athlete’s Foot include:

  • Burning sensation in feet and between toes.
  • Your feet and toes frequently itch, but scratching them provides temporary or little relief.
  • You have the tendency of wearing the same hot, sweaty socks all day, from early morning until you arrive home late at night.
  • Your feet and heels are very dry and cracked.
  • You do not often dry your feet completely—especially between your toes—before putting on your socks and shoes for the day.
  • You frequent a public gym, pool or sauna, and freely walk about without shoes or socks on.
  • Someone in your household has or recently has Athlete’s Foot and you share a bathtub, shower, bath mat, or other potentially damp surface with that person.

If Athlete’s Foot is left untreated, it can develop into something serious and quite painful. Contact an experienced Philadelphia podiatrist at the first signs of Athlete’s Foot. The podiatrists at Healthmark Foot and Ankle Associates not only help those in the Philadelphia area with all of their needs, but they also provide the community with a FREE book on foot and ankle health entitled The Foot Is Not An Island. Simply call 610-565-3668 today for your free copy. 

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