The 2012 London Olympics has been in full swing as the nations of the world compete for medals, world records, and personal bests. Among the glory and success of the athletes comes a darker side of the Olympics: injury. Underneath all of the flashing lights, the numbers, the sights, and the camera lenses, injury is a common occurance at the olympic games that the media often covers in negligible amounts. Dr. Romansky worked as an Olympic physician during the Greek Games in 2004. He recalls the copious amounts of injuries both serious and slight, "we would see athletes from all over the world with injuries as serious as tendonitis and broken bones, to hang-nails and paper-cuts."

London 2012 has displayed to the world that the human body can be pushed to great amounts, but with these accomplishments come affliction. The Huffington Post is one of the few online sources that have written about the amount of injuries during the 2012 games. Aside from great Olympic photographs, the article entitled Olympic Injuries: Athletes Reveal Painful Side to Games is a quick, interesting article about the realities of sports injury at the Olympics.

Huffington Post Olympic Injuries


Huffington Post Olympic Injuries, Healthmark Foot Ankles

Huffington Post Olympic Inuries, via Healthmark Foot

Huffington POst Olympic Injuries, via Healthmark Foot





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