It has become quite known that laser removal is a potential form of treatment for fungal nails. There are many different opinions and facts surrounding the use of lasers to treat the discoloration and texture of toenails with fungus. Currently there are some types of laser equipment that have been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for dermatology and podiatry applications. While there are physicians who do use laser therapy, the process follows strict protocol and guidelines.

Throughout the podiatry community laser treatment for fungus of the nails and feet has been met with lots of criticism and doubt. There has yet to be clinical studies that confirm the success of laser treatment to cure fungal nails. While lasers can fight fungus growth on toenails, the best method for curing fungal nails requires several different types of treatment at the same time. Since each case of foot fungus is different, your doctor at Healthmark Foot and Ankle can assign the specific regimen options that will be best for you. Creams such as Lamisil AT, anti-fungal shoe-sprays, prescription topical and oral medications, and coverage methods are usually administered in addition to any type of laser removal.

Laser removal can cost a lot of money and is usually not covered under insurance. In many instances, the doctors at Healthmark Foot and Ankle are consistently evaluating treatment protocols and their efficacy. If evolving evidenced based protocols support the use of laser therapy for nail fungus, we may incorporate much more laser therapy in the future.

If you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss treating your fungal nails, call Healthmark Foot and Ankle today! Our physicians will provide for the best treatment possible for your toenails and feet.


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