The Elliptical

When considering your walking routine, would you consider yourself more of an outdoorsy walker, an inside elliptical machine walker, or both? While it is always healthy to switch up your walking environment, understanding the differences between going for a walk on an elliptical versus outside can be vitally important for your feet and body.

  • Elliptical workouts often work the buttocks and thighs more so than walking does, but may activate less muscles of the calf and shins. Like many types of gym equipment, many elliptical machines can cause strain and soreness of the lower back.
  • An elliptical workout will be less weight bearing. During each stride the machine itself is designed so that the impact of foot on the platform surface is much more reduced. Impact on an elliptical is especially less compared with walking or running which can result in greater impact between the foot and the ground surface depending on the your pace, footwear, stride, and gait.

Walking will generally allow you to burn more calories compared to an elliptical machine depending on the pace you choose to go. Walking can be less stressful on one's back and can take advtange of more muscle use throughout the body compared to an elliptical that might While elliptical machines have a convenient smoothness and ease to them, walking allows an individual to be exposed to varying types of surfaces and slopes which can help with controlling pace and concentration during the walk. Furthermore, walking can afford exposure to new and excited environments, because let’s face it, you can bring your elliptical out to the track or onto the trails!

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