On November 2, 2012 the Center for Disease Control (CDC) released statistics that reveal a decrease in adolescent, diabetes-related deaths since 1968. The CDC states that deaths from diabetes in young persons is potentially preventable and that the slow rise of deaths in recent decades, although still much lower than that of 1968, indicates a need for improved diabetes diagnosis and care specifically among youths between 10 and 19 years old.


Although the the chart above indicates that youth deaths-per-million is much lower that in 1968, it is clear that the diabetes death-rate has been slowly on the rise since 1984.


In 2008–2009, the rate of diabetes deaths was 1.05 per million persons aged ≤19 years, a decline of 61% from 1968–1969. Diabetes mortality decreased among youths aged


These figures ultimately tell us that we must educate more of the population about diabetes. In the school systems and in the family household, there needs to be more of a dialogue in understanding what diabetes is, and how we can work to control it

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