Recovering from corns in Philadelphia or elsewhere can be a painful, time-consuming process, even if you work with an experienced, highly respected team like the Pennsylvania podiatrists at Healthmark Foot & Ankle Associates.

In an ideal world, you’d like to banish your corns and prevent them from ever recurring. Here are a few ideas—some of them counterintuitive and speculative—to help you live a more “corn-free” existence going forward:

  • Invest in better footwear—perhaps customized for your situation. Friction and pressure on your feet can cause calluses and corns to develop over time. For some sensitive people, orthotics or other customized footwear can reduce or alleviate this primary source of corns.
  • Improve your diet by reducing your sugar consumption. A substantial new body of research suggests that eating too much sugar can create a cascade of bad metabolic effects. While these effects won’t necessarily cause corns directly, a weakened metabolism can put you at more risk for obesity, diabetes, and other diseases, which can hamper your immune system, compel your feet to bear more weight, and even indirectly negatively impact your posture.
  • Deal with bone deformities, such as hammertoe, sooner rather than later. You might have heard the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” If your podiatrist in Philadelphia diagnoses a deformity, such as hammertoe or another bony growth, manage that medical problem now before it provokes corns or additional foot-related problems.
  • Consider changing your daily activities to reduce pressure and friction on your feet. For instance, perhaps you currently walk 30 minutes from home to your office every day in somewhat uncomfortable shoes. Consider taking a few days off every week—or at the very least, switch into more comfortable shoes when you head to the office.

Whether you need help correcting a scary and painful corn or other foot problem—or you simply just want advice about corn prevention, connect with the team here at Healthmark Foot & Ankle Associates at 610-565-3668.

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