The Philadelphia Broad Street Run has gown to become one of the city's most popular sporting events for it's resident to participate in. 2013 saw the race become the most popular and sought after than in any year before. Amazon now has a great collection of stories, memoirs, pictures, and commentary of the 2013 Broad Street Run available for the Kindle.

“The Broad Street Run has become more than a footrace, especially in 2013. Already, Philadelphia’s signature running event had evolved into a symbol — motivation, a milestone, a celebration for many of the 38,000 participants.

But this year, the 34th annual Broad Street Run, held three weeks after the Boston Marathon bombings, was imbued with a profound sense of patriotism — and a sea of red socks to prove it.

And now, a first for the Inquirer and, all their combined coverage will be presented to you as an ebook — Bolting Down Broad: The Amazing 2013 Broad Street Run.

This is an unprecedented and pioneering collection of our best profiles, feature stories, blogs, columns and commentaries. All in one place, in an easy-to-read format. One of the nation’s oldest newspapers joins with its dynamic regional web site to take a bold step into the future.”

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