Asics footwear is always at the forefront of innovative designs for shoes. Here Dr. Simon Bartold helps to show how important it is to consider all aspects of the foot and ankle when designing a shoe. The video provides a simple explanation of foot and ankle mechanics to normal movement like walking and running. This video is helpful for both doctors and consumers. So if you're interested in buying some new shoes, consider Asics.

As always, we recommend that you wear whatever brand feels the most comfortable. While Asics are a great footwear company, there are countless other brands that may be just as good for you. By trying different brands of shoes, you can develop your own opinion on which product is the best.



Footwear is one very importnat part to having healthy feet and legs. The doctors at Healthmark Foot and Ankle are able to help you understand which types of shoes are the best for you. If you have questions about proper footwear, come see the doctors today!


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