Diabetes affects your body’s ability to process glucose properly, causing spikes and drops in your blood sugar. Most people recognize the common signs of diabetes, like excessive thirst, fatigue and unusual weight fluctuations, but many do not realize the signs that may be present in their legs and feet. A Phoenixville podiatrist can help detect signs of diabetes. 

When you develop diabetes, the condition can damage your nervous and circulatory systems. These systems are critical to your entire body’s functions and often manifest in your feet and legs. 

There are several ways that the nerves and vascular system in your legs and feet can become impaired, such as: 

  • poor circulation;
  • numbness or tingling from nerve damage;
  • temperature changes;
  • slow wound healing;
  • foot ulcers; and
  • loss of sensation. 

Diabetes can cause damage to the circulatory and nervous systems. The circulatory impairments can reduce your body’s ability to fight infections and repair wounds on your legs and feet. The neurological impairments can reduce sensitivity and awareness that you are developing ulcers, sores or other injuries. Serious infections or restrictions of circulation may result in amputation if the condition is neglected. 

Because we rely on our legs and feet so much for everyday tasks and enjoyment of life, it’s important to watch your feet for the first signs of diabetes. Not only can working with a Phoenixville podiatrist help save your lower limbs, but it also can help you obtain the right treatment if you are at risk of developing diabetes.  

Let a Phoenixville Podiatrist Address your Diabetes Foot Concerns 

Your feet are your foundation – and when something doesn't feel right, they can tell you more about your body than you may realize. Signs of diabetes often are present in your feet well before you realize them in the rest of your body. Quick action with a visit to a Phoenixville podiatrist can help you discover ailments before they become serious medical issues. 

The team at HealthMark Foot & Ankle Associates is dedicated to caring for more than just your feet; we take the time to provide comprehensive care for your entire lifestyle. From sports injuries to diabetic foot care, we are here to help! Contact us at 1-610-565-3668 for a consultation at our Media office or 1-610-933-8644 for our Phoenixville office.

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