As trusted Phoenixville podiatrists, we understand that corns can be a frustrating and painful part of anyone’s life. While sports medicine sites may offer a lot of handy tips on treatment for corns in runners, we know that this condition can affect anyone with poorly fitting socks or shoes, as well as those who have oddly shaped toes.

It may not be fair, but you don’t have to take it lying down. Here are just a few ways you can treat your corns at home:

  • Corn cushions. These flexible gel cushions fit inside your shoe and take the pressure off of your corn, allowing you to walk without pain while at work or exercising.
  • Foot soaks. Soaking your feet will soften thickened skin, whether it’s a corn, a callus, or dead skin tissue.
  • Pumice stones. You can gently use a pumice stone on the surface of the corn to wear it down gradually. 
  • Toe separators. If your corns are in between your toes, place cotton or wool at the base of your toes to spread your toes apart. 
  • Corn removal. Smaller corns can be removed with special corn trimmers; however, the procedure can be painful if you haven’t done it before. A Philadelphia foot and ankle doctor can remove your corns and help you stay free of them in the future—while greatly reducing your chances of developing an infection or other foot ailments.

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