Our Patients Tell it All: Successful Philadelphia Foot Care Stories

Every day Healthmark patients walk away from our care without pain. They share their stories here.

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  • Foot Surgery Consideration From Dr. Romansky and Dr. Soondar

    I recently had foot surgery performed by Dr. Soondar with consultation from Dr. Romansky. I have found that they both take tremendous time to explain medical details with their patients. The staff in the media office has been outstanding. I would highly recommend the doctors in this practice.

  • A young adult's shin splints are healed and able to take her through a half-marathon.

    "Hi from Australia Dr. Romansky! I wanted to thank you for helping me get my shins better!  I just ran my first half marathon in Sydney because of you!!!! It was such a great feeling when I crossed that finish line and I couldn't have done it without your help over the past few years!!!"

    Megan N.
  • Dr. Erfle's skill in caring for my feet has alleviated earlier back problems.

    "My mother & I are both longtime patients of Dr. Erfle. I was recommended to the practice in 1997 from my chiropractor and have been a patient since. As the owner of a hair salon I must deal with long hours on hard floors & Dr. Erfle's skill in caring for my feet has alleviated earlier back problems. My mom is a retired teacher & destroyed her feet. Thanks to Dr. Erfle's skill she has been able to deal with a series of medical problems and remains active. We are both grateful to Dr. Erfle & his willingness to help my mother outside of the normal office settings. We enjoy the flexible scheduling and professionalism of the entire staff. We look forward to the continued care of Dr. Erfle and his staff at Healthmark Foot and Ankle."

    M.H. and S.G.