Philadelphia Flyers Fire Peter Laviolette

Posted on Oct 07, 2013

[Via ESPN] This morning the Philadelphia Flyers announced that they would be getting rid of head coach, Peter Laviolette. After a rough preseason, and an 0-3 losing streak during the first three games of the regular season, a decisions was made to replace the Flyers’ coach. Hired in 2009, Laviolette brought the Philadelphia Flyers all the way to the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals where they suffered a tough loss to the Chicago Blackhawks. Laviolette will be replaced by Assistant Coach Craig Berube with the assistance of Peter Laperriere and John Paddock. Despite leading the Flyers to consecutive playoff games (with the exception of last season) Laviolette was let go with the team hoping for better guidance and more focus on their offensive line.