Philadelphia Athletes Develop Better Pain Tolerance and May Face Additional Injury

Posted on Jun 25, 2012

June 13, 2012 – The “work through the pain” mentality of many athletes could be costing them their foot health. A recent article from WebMD features 15 current studies conducted in Germany regarding pain tolerance and threshold. The findings from these studies have suggested that athletes often ignore serious foot injuries because they can better tolerate the pain. 

There are many opinions on why athletes may have a higher tolerance for pain. Allan Basbaum, PhD. from the University of California, San Francisco at first did not fully believe in the theory of the “runners high” many athletes feel due to the increased endorphins. Upon review of some of the Germany studies, he now believes that there may be a connection between pain tolerance and endorphin levels that allow athletes to endure more serious and lingering pain. 

Another theory is that because athletes often develop the pain from doing the sport or activity they love, they ignore the signals and keep going. This is where many athletes can become more prone to sprains or strains in their feet. Overexertion or repetitive damage to the muscles and soft tissues in your feet can cause painful injuries that require rest and podiatrist treatment to heal. 

As more of the German research studies make their way to the hands of podiatrists and orthopedists in the U.S., we may begin seeing new changes in pain management and injury screenings for athletes. Whether you’re a professional football player or a weekend amateur tennis enthusiast, you should never ignore foot pain!   

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