NY Giants Wide Receiver Hakeem Nicks Still Coping With Broken Foot

Posted on Nov 21, 2012

Hakeem Nicks did not have long to recuperate from a sports-related foot injury that occurred last spring before experiencing a knee ailment early this season. 

The wide receiver for the New York Giants broke a bone—the fifth metatarsal—in his right foot in the spring and underwent surgery to correct the injury during the offseason. Then he sustained an injury to his left knee during the second week of the current season when Tampa Bay Buccaneers safety Mark Barron fell on Nicks’ leg. Nicks said he couldn’t say which injury has affected him more.

“Man, you go tit for tat,” Nicks told reporters. “One day it could be the foot, and the next, the knee.”

Nicks told USA TODAY Sports that the injuries are keeping him from giving his full performance, but he’s not going to hide behind them. “Being in the season and having a foot and knee injury isn’t easy, by far. But I’m not the one to make excuses. I’m just trying to get better in some kind of way each day and each week.”

After sitting out three consecutive games, he estimated that he was roughly 65 to 70 percent healthy when the Giants took on the San Francisco 49ers in mid-October. Despite his injuries, Nicks was still able to make three catches, including a 26-yarder, against the 49ers—a sure sign that his injuries are improving. 

Nicks is a former first-round pick who has been the Giants’ “X” receiver (usually considered the number 1 receiver) since 2010. By early November, Nicks said he was approaching 90 to 95 percent of his top form.

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