76er's center Furkan Aldemir suffering from "sore heels"

Posted on Dec 18, 2014

javascript:void(0)The Turkish power forward for the 76er’s, Furkan Aldemir has recently come down with a case of a “sore right heel” more specifically and clinically understood as plantar fasciitis. Sore heels or pain underneath the back for the foot can be caused by complications of where the ligament meets the bone often caused by poor, loose footwear or overuse. After signing very recently with the 76er's and arriving in Philadelphia with his family last Monday, the injury comes as a surprise to much of the team. Although the team’s couch Brett Brown was convinced the situation isn’t as bad as it sounds, Aldemir will most likely not be playing in Friday’s upcoming game against Charlotte. The 76er’s haven’t had the most impressive season, with still no home game wins, the ball-players are hopeful for a win on Friday with or without Furkan Aldemir on the court.