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Healthmark foot and ankle specialists provide useful and interesting articles to help learn about your foot problems and put them behind you.

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  • Management Of Hematomas Dr. Soondar Podiatry Today Publication: Current Perspectives On Evaluation And Management Of Hematomas. Wound care and limb salvage advice from the professionals
  • Your Yearly Comprehensive Diabetic Examination It is encouraged to have a yearly comprehensive examination for diabetes regardless of your age or health. Healthmark Foot and Ankle can provide you with help!
  • Understanding Pre-Diabetes The dangerous stage between healthy and diabetic is known as prediabetes and can determine the downfall of your metabolic health if not diagnosed and managed.
  • Diabetes Foot Maintenance: An Introduction Dr. Flannery describes some fundamental techniques for coexisting with you diabetic feet
  • Tips for Diabetics on Halloween October 31st means fun, frights, costumes, and candy. The candy can be a problem for those with metabolic strains on their body.
  • Diabetic Ulcer Your diabetic foot may have a hole in it. For this sufferer, It wasn't until he noticed blood on his socks that it was apparent something was wrong.
  • Itchy or Burning Feet and Diabetic Neuropathy Do you feel like you’re walking on pins and needles? Our Philadelphia podiatrists explain how nerve damage can cause pain and stinging sensations in your feet.
  • Risks for Diabetic Neuropathy Is your diabetes causing nerve damage? Our Philadelphia podiatrists can help you check your feet for early signs of diabetic neuropathy.
  • Diabetes Foot Injuries & Life Long Pain A simple sore can quickly become a life-threatening problem for someone with diabetes. Our Philadelphia foot doctors tell you how to avoid these injuries.
  • Help Diagnose Diabetes When foot conditions cause you distress, consider having a consultation with a Phoenixville podiatrist – they could be the first signs of diabetes.