Injury after injury on the New York Jets

Posted on Oct 05, 2012

The Lisfranc Injury of Jets' wideout, Santonio Holmes.

Let's not get started on Tim Tebow, the New York Jets have bigger problems on their hands. In late September it was reported and confirmed that cornerback Darelle Revis would be off the field for the season with a torn ACL injury. The team hasn't even gotten through the first week of October without complications mounting. Revis' torn ACL has created concerns and dilemma for the Jets' original decision to sign a contact extension for the talented athlete.


Today, the Jets are now accepting the realities of another player being struck with a lower-body injury. The team's best wideout, Santonio Holmes will also be out for the season because of a serious injury in the middle part of his foot. What's commonly referred to as The Lisfranc Injury, Holmes' sports injury indicates that one of the larger foot bones (the metatarsal) has been popped out of place.


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