Chicago Bulls players use Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Posted on May 17, 2013

As the Chicago bulls lost to the Miami Heat in the 2013 NBA Conference Semifinals, the team is hoping that injuries won't slow them down for the upcoming season. Despite all the injuries to players such as Taj Gibson, Kirk, Hinrich, and Luol Deng, Chicago Center Joakim Noah has repeatedly sought platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment for his chronic plantar fasciitis and other foot and leg related pain.

On the eve of the first-round series versus the Nets, Noah didn't think he would play at all. But one or a combination of the multiple treatments he endured on his right foot — including platelet rich plasma therapy — took hold and Noah thrived.”

By focusing on the feet, ankles and legs of various injured players, the Bulls are hoping to rehabilitate their injured and tired team members for the 2014 NBA Season. Treatments such as PRP and other new forms of sports injury treatment will most likely be considered and used.

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